28 August 2011

Gino - more pics & update -- ADOPTED!

It's Gino!
I have had this giant loverboy in my home for a few days and must say, he is AWESOME! Gino is very relaxed and sleeps anytime you are not urging him to take a walk or feeding him. He is an active dog, but as soon as activity ceases, he takes a nap :) I wish I could get my dog to take a hint from Gino and calm down sometimes!
Gino, like any typical boxer, likes ear rubs and snuggling with his foster sister. We went to adoption events today and Gino was a knock-out. He was tired and hot and still acted like the beautiful, even-tempered boy that he is. Another dog growled at Gino and his reaction was to look up at me and turn to walk away. What a champ!
Gino is a must-meet!!!

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