12 October 2011

Update on Robin

Our little mixed girl Robin has blossomed since we took her into the rescue. Robin is in a wonderful foster home, complete with a rambunchous boxer brother. Their foster mom says they run around the yard and play ALL DAY.

We have discovered that Robin does not like baths or being crated when you're home. She definetly wants to be with her people, usually    cuddled up at your feet.

Robin is 99% housebroken...pretty good for a pup who's spent most of her life on a chain. Her skin is completely healed up and she looks much, much better. Robin gets along well with dogs, kids -- everyone :)

Robin has gained a few pounds, but other than that, she's fully grown and will stay a medium sized dog.

Little miss Robin is spayed, up to date on her shots, and ready for a new home!

Can you open up your heart to this little one?

20 September 2011



Meet Robin, a 8 month old pit mix puppy. She is a sweet little girl with the biggest bat ears :)

This little pup is great with other dogs, LOVES people and attention, crate trained, on her way to being housebroken. Robin is almost fully grown and weighs about 30 lbs. She came to us fairly emaciated, so she will probably gain a few more pounds now that she's eating a good, constant diet.

Robin has had a rough life so far, but she is going to be a great addition to someone's family!

And as with all of our dogs, Robin is spayed, up to date on her shots, and on monthly heartworm/flea preventative.

Visit our Facebook page to see more pictures and to get updates on Robin. Call Cat at (336) 816-0748 to schedule a meet and greet or with any/all questions about Robin :)

28 August 2011

Gino - more pics & update -- ADOPTED!

It's Gino!
I have had this giant loverboy in my home for a few days and must say, he is AWESOME! Gino is very relaxed and sleeps anytime you are not urging him to take a walk or feeding him. He is an active dog, but as soon as activity ceases, he takes a nap :) I wish I could get my dog to take a hint from Gino and calm down sometimes!
Gino, like any typical boxer, likes ear rubs and snuggling with his foster sister. We went to adoption events today and Gino was a knock-out. He was tired and hot and still acted like the beautiful, even-tempered boy that he is. Another dog growled at Gino and his reaction was to look up at me and turn to walk away. What a champ!
Gino is a must-meet!!!

07 August 2011

Gino -- ADOPTED!

This is Gino!
Gino is a 2-3 year old boxer mix. He is currently hanging out at a shelter in the upstate, getting his heartworm treatments but he will be good to go in a few short weeks! The shelter staff have a soft spot for this big cuddly boy, and say that he is a total lovebug. Gino weighs 65-70 pounds but will probably put on a few more pounds once he is heartworm and shelter free.
Gino is good with other dogs and kids and would make an AMAZING family dog! We're not sure how Gino does with cats, but my guess is that he would be ok. Gino is still a young boxer, so he is still very trainable and energetic.
This big guy needs a home and a family to love on! Lets find a home for Gino :)
As always with Namaste adoptees, Gino will be up to date on all of his vaccines, as well as dewormed and neutered.
Please contact Namaste Large Breed Rescue with questions, to set up a meet-and-greet, and of course for an Adoption Application!

15 July 2011

Seamus -- ADOPTED!

We drove to Monroe, NC last week to pick up this little guy. Seamus is a 7 week-old boxer puppy and a bundle of energy. He found his new home immediately and bonded very quickly with his new mom. They are clearly a perfect match! He follows her around their house and runs after her wherever she goes. Seamus loves his toys and is starting to recognize his name. His early puppy training is going well and he has already found his voice -- barking at bigger dogs in his neighborhood :) What a little watchdog!
Stay tuned for updates on Seamus....

30 June 2011

Stella girl UPDATE -- ADOPTED!

Over the last month, we have learned a lot more about our American Staffy, Stella. First off, Stella is younger than we first thought, she's only 2 and a half -- practically a baby! She gets along VERY well with her foster brother (a male pit mix) and loves rides in the car and trips to the dog park. Stella has adjusted really well to her foster home, but we still need to find her a permanent home!
We have had lots of interest in Stella, but unfortunately the "bully breed" stigma lives on in the minds of many. Stella will make a perfect family dog, as well as a great choice for a single person or couple. If you have any questions about Stella or would like to set up a meet-and-greet, please email Cat at clharpe@gmail.com or comment on this post. Help us spread the word about Stella, she is amazing and deserves a home!

25 May 2011

Stella -- ADOPTED!

This is Stella! She is the newest addition to the Namaste LBR family and we love her already! She is a purebred American Staffordshire Terrier, between 3-4 years old. Stella has been spayed, is up-to-date on all vaccinations, fully vetted, and flea-free. She has an awesome appetite and displays NO signs of food aggression (or people/dog aggression). Stella is potty trained and has not shown any signs of being a chewer. Also, she has become fast friends with my 1 year old boxer/dane and clearly has no issues being jumped on and plays really well with other dogs, both large and small.

Little miss Stella is a strong girl but listens well...she knows how to "sit", "lie down", and responds well to "No." Her leash training is going well also. Stella is a big lovebug and follows me from room to room, curling up beside me or next to whatever piece of furniture I am sitting on. She is quiet and laid-back...I haven't even heard her bark in the time that she has been with me. She does not need to be crated at night and would love to sleep in bed with you or curled up on the floor.

Stella is awesome, with no behavioral issues, and will make an amazing addition to your family! This dog is perfect for someone who is looking for a young dog, but does not have time/energy to train a puppy from scratch.

Feel free to email me with questions or comment directly on this post and I will get back to you asap.

Please email me at clharpe@gmail.com if you are interested in adopting Stella!